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After north-western Iraq was liberated from IS, many IDPs returned to the region. This project helps the population rebuild their livelihoods out of the rubble. At the same time, this new beginning creates an opportunity to reshape local agriculture to be more innovative, sustainable, and diverse. Consultants are being trained to pass their knowledge on to their communities in order to help them transition from dependence on humanitarian assistance to more independence with a greater capacity for self-help.

Nov 2019

First Introduction

Jan 2025

End of Project

€ 814,683

Project Budget 2023

€ 5,540,000

Total Project Budget

  • Humanitarian Assistance

  • Agriculture & Environment

  • Nutrition

  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

  • Economic Development

  • Civil Society & Empowerment

Partner on site

  • REACH Rehab Educ.+Community Health

Financing partner

  • BMZ